Is Allstate Platinum Plan Worth It?: Assessing the Cost-Benefit

The Allstate Platinum Plan provides policyholders with extensive coverage and benefits.

It includes features such as accident forgiveness, new car replacement, and a safe-driving bonus every six months.

These features specifically aim to create a safety net for various unforeseen events that drivers may face.

Allstate Platinum

Coverage Options

The plan offers a range of coverage options that extend beyond the typical liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage.

Notable options include:

1. Deductible Rewards: With each year of accident-free driving, the deductible could decrease.

2. Safe Driving Bonus: Policyholders receive a bonus every six months for maintaining accident-free driving records.

3. New Car Replacement: In the event of a total loss of a new car, policyholders can receive a replacement at its original value, rather than the depreciated amount.

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Full coverage under the Allstate Platinum Plan typically costs around $2,665 annually.

Significantly higher than the national average of $1,982 per year.

The cost varies based on factors such as driving history, vehicle make and model, and location.

Customer Satisfaction

Allstate’s customer satisfaction ratings are mixed.

While the company offers a comprehensive set of discounts and coverage options.

Its ratings for auto insurance shopping satisfaction are below average compared to other insurers.

However, it boasts a low number of consumer complaints and strong financial backing, which are crucial for claim payouts.

Pros and Cons

– Extensive coverage options and benefits.

– Financially stable insurer capable of fulfilling claims.

– Low incidence of consumer complaints.

– Premiums are generally higher compared to other insurers.

– Below-average customer satisfaction in auto insurance shopping.

Is the Allstate Platinum Plan Worth It?

The value of the Allstate Platinum Plan depends on individual needs and circumstances.

For those prioritizing a broad spectrum of coverage options and willing to pay a premium for enhanced protection, the plan may be worth considering.

However, individuals seeking more cost-effective solutions may benefit from comparing rates from other insurers.


the Allstate Platinum Plan offers a comprehensive array of benefits and coverage options, providing reassurance for drivers.

Nevertheless, potential policyholders should weigh the higher cost and customer satisfaction ratings when evaluating its suitability for their auto insurance needs.

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