Allstates Cremation: Your Trusted Partner in End-of-Life Services”

All-States Cremation, Colorado’s first and largest cremation-only provider, has served Denver since 1986.

Their mission is to offer simple, affordable cremation services with high-quality care at fair prices.

Knowing that traditional funerals can be costly and confusing, All-States Cremation aims to provide a clear and budget-friendly option for families.

Allstates Cremation

History and Mission

Established over three decades ago, All-States Cremation was created to meet the community’s demand for affordable, straightforward cremation services.

Avoiding the high costs typically associated with traditional funeral homes.

Services Offered

They provide a range of services to suit various family preferences and budgets.

Options include direct cremation, which involves cremating the body shortly after death without a formal service, with the possibility of holding a memorial service later.

Customer-Centric Approach

All-States Cremation focuses on customers by offering 24/7 phone support and allowing arrangements online, by phone, or through video chat.

They also offer digital resources, including care guides and a monthly e-newsletter to assist families during the grieving process.

Innovative Solutions

All-States Cremation is dedicated to personalized service and offers ShareLife, a full approach to funeral planning that honors the person’s life.

They also provide alternatives to traditional ashes, like Parting Stones, which turn remains into smooth stones.

Community Involvement

All-States Cremation is deeply part of the community, offering both cremation services and support for those dealing with loss.

Their commitment shows in their involvement in local events and their efforts to educate people about end-of-life planning.

Affordability and Transparency

A core value of All-States Cremation is affordability.

They ensure families have access to dignified cremation services without high costs.

Their pricing is clear and upfront, with no hidden fees.

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Testimonials and Reputation

Over the years, the company has gained a good reputation, with families praising their kind and professional service.

Highlighting the comfort and ease provided during difficult times.

Planning Ahead

They encourage individuals to consider preplanning their funeral arrangements.

Which can alleviate stress for loved ones and ensure that final wishes are honored.


All-States Cremation is a top choice for cremation services, offering caring, affordable, and clear options to Denver and beyond.

Their smart solutions, customer-first approach, and focus on low costs have made them a trusted name.

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