Cathy Sink Allstate: Offering Trustworthy Insurance Services Since 1997

Cathy Sink, an Allstate Insurance Agent in Fort Myers, Florida, helps protect your family, home, car, and boat.

If you’re curious about your current insurance rates, Cathy can give you a quote to see if you’re paying too much.

Since 1997, Cathy has led a team of trusted Allstate reps who are committed to great customer service and client satisfaction.

cathy sink allstate

Cathy Sink: A Snapshot

Early Career and Agency Leadership

Cathy Sink began her insurance career in 1997 when she opened her own agency. Driven by her passion for assisting others and the value she places on insurance, she has since become a trusted advisor for individuals, families, and businesses seeking customized insurance plans.

The Team Behind Cathy

Cathy Sink’s agency is supported by a team of professionals who share her dedication to outstanding service.

Key team members include:

Emma Clay (Customer Service Representative):

Emma is the welcoming voice answering client calls, assisting with policy questions, claims, and general inquiries.

Cassandra Sink (Executive Operations Manager):

Cassandra manages daily operations, ensuring the agency runs efficiently with her strong organizational skills.

Hetty McGee (Office Manager):

Hetty handles office logistics, from scheduling to paperwork, ensuring smooth operations.

Briana Wagner (Customer Service Representative):

Briana supports clients with their insurance needs, known for her expertise and friendly service.

Services Provided

Cathy Sink’s agency offers a variety of insurance products tailored to different needs. Here are some of the services available:

Auto Insurance:

Cathy and her team help drivers select the appropriate coverage, whether it’s liability, collision, or comprehensive insurance.

Home Insurance:

Cathy offers guidance on homeowners’ insurance to protect against risks like fire, theft, and natural disasters.

Life Insurance:

Cathy helps clients choose from term life, whole life, and other policies to secure their family’s future.

Business Insurance:

Cathy’s agency provides business insurance solutions tailored to specific industries and circumstances.

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Cathy’s Client-Centered Approach

Cathy Sink focuses on building long-term relationships with her clients.

She takes the time to understand each client’s unique situation, assess their risks, and recommend suitable coverage.

Her consultative approach ensures clients feel informed and confident in their insurance decisions.


In a world full of uncertainties, having a reliable insurance partner is essential.

Cathy Sink and her team at Allstate offer personalized service, competitive rates, and peace of mind.

Whether you’re a new homeowner, a business owner, or looking to review your policies, consider reaching out to Cathy Sink.

Her commitment to protecting what matters most makes her an invaluable resource in the Fort Myers community.

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