Allstate Cancel Policy: How to Do It and What to Expect

Navigating the complexities of insurance policies is an essential aspect of managing your financial responsibilities.

When it comes to Allstate, understanding the Allstate cancel policy is crucial for policyholders contemplating changes or exploring alternatives.

Canceling an insurance policy involves specific steps and considerations, from contacting your Allstate agent to understanding potential impacts on coverage benefits, refunds and future policy options.

How to cancel your policy

There are three ways to cancel your Allstate auto insurance policy:

  1. Call your Allstate insurance agent or customer service agent at (800) 255-7828.
  2. Mail an insurance cancellation letter to the address below:

Allstate Insurance Company P.O. Box 660598 Dallas, Texas 75266

  1. Cancel in person at your nearest Allstate office.

Only Allstate agents or customer service personnel can cancel auto insurance policies. Be mindful that they may ask you to submit a cancellation letter with your name, policy number, and effective cancellation date.

What happens if you cancel your policy

Upon canceling your Allstate auto insurance policy, several outcomes may occur:

  • Loss of coverage benefits like roadside assistance, identity protection or Drivewise rewards.
  • No refunds for prepaid payments, unused discounts or credits.
  • Inability to renew or modify your policy with Allstate in the future.
  • Potential penalties or fees from entities relying on your coverage, such as lenders, employers or rental car companies.
  • Forfeiture of discounts or incentives offered by alternative insurers.

Therefore, ensure a valid reason for cancellation and thoroughly explore other options before deciding to cancel your policy.

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Will you get a refund if you cancel your policy

The answer to this question depends on several factors, such as:

  • When did you purchase your policy?
  • When did you last pay for it?
  • Did you pay in full or partially?
  • Did you use any discounts or credits?

Generally speaking, if you purchased your policy within the last 30 days and paid in full with cash or check, then yes, you will get a refund of any payments that have been made in advance.

However, if you purchased your policy more than 30 days ago and paid partially with credit card or loan, then no, you will not get a refund of any payments that have been made in advance.

Additionally, if you used any discounts or credits on your current premium, then they will be applied to any future premiums that may be charged by another insurer after the cancellation date.

How much does it cost to cancel Allstate Insurance

The cost of canceling an Allstate auto insurance policy is usually minimal compared to the cost of maintaining it.

According to some estimates, the average cost of cancelling an auto insurance policy is around $50-$100 per year.

However, this amount may vary depending on how long ago you purchased your policy and how much premium has been paid so far.

Therefore, before cancelling your policy completely, consider whether it would be more beneficial for both parties if instead of cancelling it entirely (which would result in losing all coverage), they could negotiate a lower premium (which would result in saving money).

Can you cancel your policy online

Yes, it is possible to cancel an online auto insurance policy through the My Account feature on the Allstate website. To do so:

  1. Log in to My Account using either email address and password or Facebook login.
  2. Click on “My Policies” under “My Account”.
  3. Find the auto insurance policy that needs cancellation and click on “Cancel Policy”.
  4. Confirm the cancellation details and submit them.


  1. Log in to My Account using either email address and password or Facebook login.
  2. Click on “My Policies” under “My Account”.
  3. Find the auto insurance policy that needs cancellation and click on “View Details”.
  4. Scroll down until “Policy Cancellation” is highlighted and click on “Cancel Policy”.
  5. Confirm the cancellation details and submit them.

What do I need to do to cancel my Allstate policy?

  • Determine the type of insurance and your state of residence for the specific cancellation process.
  • Contact your Allstate agent or call customer service at 1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828).
  • Inform them about your decision to cancel and provide necessary details: policy number, desired cancellation date and reason.
  • Be prepared to sign a cancellation form or send a written notice for confirmation.
  • Check your policy terms for eligibility for a refund of any prepaid unused premium.
  • Be aware that cancellation may incur fees or penalties, depending on terms and conditions.
  • Carefully review policy documents and consult with your agent or customer service for information on applicable fees or charges.

Should I cancel my Allstate policy?

Before deciding to cancel your Allstate policy, carefully weigh the pros and cons.

Cancelling could save money if you find a better option, especially if dissatisfied with Allstate’s service.

However, drawbacks include potential loss of loyalty discounts, coverage gaps, higher rates with a new insurer and possible cancellation fees.

Prioritize research, comparing offers from different companies, and evaluating current and future insurance needs.

Allstate might still offer the best value and protection, or you might discover a more suitable alternative aligning with your budget and preferences.

Consider these factors to make an informed decision about cancelling your Allstate policy.

How can I save money on my Allstate insurance?

Bundle Your Policies: Save up to 25% by combining your policies, like auto and home insurance. Enjoy the convenience of one bill and one agent.

Raise Your Deductibles: Lower your premium by choosing a higher deductible. Consider your risk tolerance and affordability when making this decision.

Improve Your Credit Score: A good credit score can qualify you for lower rates. Be responsible by paying bills on time, keeping credit card balances low, and checking for errors in your credit report.

Ask for Discounts: Inquire about Allstate’s various discounts for good drivers, students, seniors, military members, and more. Your agent can guide you on eligibility and application procedures.

What are the best alternatives to Allstate insurance?

If you’re considering canceling your Allstate policy, it’s crucial to find a new insurance provider that aligns with your needs. Here are factors to consider:

Price: Compare quotes to find the best value for your coverage, considering deductibles, discounts, and other factors.

Coverage: Ensure the new policy meets your needs, complies with state regulations, and understand exclusions and limitations.

Service: Check customer satisfaction, reviews, and the responsiveness of the insurance company’s customer support and claims handling.

Some top alternatives to Allstate include:

Geico: Known for low rates, easy online access, and various insurance options with benefits like accident forgiveness and roadside assistance.

Progressive: Offers customizable coverage with the “name your price” tool, monitoring safe driving habits through Snapshot, and comparing rates with other insurers.

State Farm: Largest and trusted, providing personalized service through local agents, offering various discounts, and programs like “drive safe and save” and “good neighbor.”

Contact details

CategoryAllstate Auto Insurance Cancellation
Phone NumberCancel by phone at 800-669-1552 or find an agent using the website
AddressNearest Allstate agency’s address provided on website
Customer ServiceContact via chat, email, or phone (800-669-1552)
Policy DetailsProvide policy number, cancellation date and reason
Email AddressGeneral Allstate email:
Fax NumberGeneral Allstate fax: 847-234-7000
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