Allstate Claim Guarantee: Ensuring Hassle-Free Claims Every Time

Allstate is one of the largest and most trusted insurance companies in the United States. It offers a variety of insurance products, such as auto, home, life, and renters insurance.

But what sets Allstate apart from its competitors is its claim guarantee.

In this article, we will explain what the Allstate claim guarantee is, how it works, and what are its benefits and drawbacks. We will also compare it to other insurance companies’ claim policies and help you decide if it is worth it for you.

Eligible claims

The Allstate claim guarantee exclusively pertains to auto insurance claims, excluding coverage for home, life, or renters insurance claims.

To qualify, maintain an active auto insurance policy with Allstate and initiate a claim via the Allstate app, website, or phone.

The claim must involve damage to your vehicle resulting from a covered peril, including collision, theft, vandalism, fire, or hail.

Note that the claim guarantee does not extend to liability claims, encompassing bodily injury or property damage to others.

Timeline for expressing dissatisfaction

The Allstate claim guarantee states that if you are not satisfied with your auto claim experience for any reason, you can request a credit to your premium.

The credit amount is equal to six months of your premium or $100, whichever is less. You must request the credit within 180 days of the date your claim was settled.

You can request the credit by calling Allstate at 1-800-ALLSTATE or by contacting your local agent.

Provide a reason for your dissatisfaction and allow Allstate to review your claim and try to resolve the issue.

An image illustration of Allstate claim guarantee
Allstate claim guarantee

Contact information

Contact InformationDetails
Phone Number1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828)
Address2775 Sanders Road, Northbrook, IL 60062
Customer Service ContactChat: 24/7 on website or app

Phone: 1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828)

Policy Details View and manage on website or app

Contact agent or call 1-800-ALLSTATE for questions or changes


24/7 chat on website or app

Fax Number1-847-402-2351
Operating HoursChat: 24/7 on website or app

Phone: 1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828)

Local agent hours may vary

Benefits and drawbacks

The Allstate claim guarantee stands out as a testament to Allstate’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

This unique feature not only provides reassurance but also incentivizes Allstate to deliver prompt, fair, and amicable service. Here are some notable benefits and drawbacks of the Allstate claim guarantee:


Easy Request Process: Initiating the credit is a straightforward process simply call or contact Allstate to express your dissatisfaction.

Broad Applicability: The credit is available for any reason, without the need to prove a mistake or policy violation. You can request it for issues related to communication, repair quality, or settlement amounts.

Universal Application: The credit applies to any auto claim, regardless of its type, amount, or outcome.


Auto Claims Only: Unfortunately, the guarantee is limited to auto claims, excluding other insurance types like home, life, or renters insurance.

Capped Benefit: The credit is capped at $100 or six months of your premium. Depending on your premium amount, it might not cover the full costs of your deductible or repairs.

Discretionary Approval: Allstate retains the right to review and deny your request if they determine you are ineligible or have received satisfactory service.

Is Allstate Claim Guarantee worth it?

While the Allstate claim guarantee adds significant value to your auto insurance, it shouldn’t be viewed as a standalone solution.

While it contributes to cost savings and boosts confidence in your claim process, it doesn’t replace the need for a comprehensive auto insurance policy.

To make an informed decision, it’s crucial to compare various auto insurance options, considering factors like coverage, discounts, ratings, and reviews.

This approach ensures you choose an insurance company that aligns with your specific needs and budgetary constraints.

An image illustration of Allstate claim guarantee
Allstate claim guarantee

Things to know before filing an Allstate claim

Before you file an auto claim with Allstate, there are some things you should know to make the process smoother and faster. Here are some tips to help you file an Allstate claim:

  • Initiate the claim promptly to expedite Allstate’s assistance and hasten your return to the road. You can report the claim through the app, online, or via phone, ensuring 24/7 accessibility.
  • Compile essential details required for the claim, including your policy number, incident date, location, damage specifics, and contact information of involved parties.

Supporting materials like photos, videos, or documents may also be necessary.

  • Opt for your preferred repair solution with Allstate’s flexible options. Choose from their approved network for guaranteed repairs and direct payment.

Alternatively, use your preferred repair shop, handling the upfront costs for later reimbursement. You can also opt for a cash settlement and manage repairs independently.

Allstate ensures timely updates and notifies you upon claim settlement.

Allstate Claim Satisfaction Guarantee details

The Allstate claim satisfaction guarantee is a feature that is included in every auto insurance policy with Allstate. It does not cost extra or require any enrollment.

It is automatically applied to every eligible auto claim. Here are some details about the Allstate claim satisfaction guarantee:

  • You will receive a credit equal to six months of your premium or $100, whichever is less, applied to your next renewal premium.
  • You may request only one credit per policy term. The credit is non-transferable and non-refundable; it cannot be transferred to another policy or person, nor can it be received as cash or a refund.
  • If you cancel your policy before renewal, you forfeit the credit.
  • This credit has no impact on your claim history or premium amount. It is not considered a claim or payment; rather, it is a goodwill gesture from Allstate.

Comparing Allstate Claim Guarantee to competitors

Allstate is not the only insurance company that offers a claim guarantee. Some of its competitors also have similar features that promise customer satisfaction.

Here are some examples of how Allstate claim guarantee compares to other insurance companies’ claim policies:

CompanyRepair GuaranteeSatisfaction GuaranteeCompensation for Unhappiness
ProgressiveLifetime Repair GuaranteeProgressive will work with the repair shop to fix issues at no extra costNo credit or compensation for dissatisfaction with the process or settlement amount
GEICOGuaranteed Repair ProgramGEICO will collaborate with the repair shop to address problems at no extra costNo credit or compensation for dissatisfaction with the process or settlement amount
State FarmSelect Service ProgramState Farm will coordinate with the repair shop to rectify issues at no extra costNo credit or compensation for dissatisfaction with the process or settlement amount


As you can see, Allstate is the only insurance company that offers a credit to your premium if you are not satisfied with your auto claim experience.

This makes Allstate stand out from its competitors and shows its dedication to customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Allstate reliable in settling claims?

Certainly, Allstate is reliable in settling claims.

What steps should I take if Allstate rejects a claim?

In case of a claim denial by Allstate, you can submit an appeal to contest their decision.

Is Allstate reputed for claim denials?

Allstate, like any insurance provider, may deny claims, but it doesn’t have an unfavorable claim rating indicating an unusually high denial rate.

What causes delays in Allstate’s claim settlement process?

Delays in Allstate’s claim settlement may arise from negotiations with other insurance companies involved or the need for a thorough evaluation of damages.

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