Allstate Remote Jobs: How to Work from Home for One of the Largest Insurance Companies

Allstate, a leading insurance giant in the United States, not only offers a wide array of protective products and services but also stands out as an exceptional employer.

With competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and ample opportunities for career advancement, Allstate prioritizes the well-being and growth of its employees.

What adds to the appeal is the option of Allstate remote jobs, providing the flexibility to work from home or any preferred location.

Types of Allstate remote jobs

Sales Agent: Responsible for selling Allstate products to potential and existing customers via phone, email, chat, or video. Requires a state insurance license and strong communication and sales skills.

Claims Adjuster: Investigates, evaluates, and settles Allstate customer claims using phone, email, or video. Requires a state claims adjustment license and strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Customer Service Representative: Provides support to Allstate customers via phone, email, chat, or video. Handles inquiries, complaints, and educates customers about Allstate products.

Requires excellent customer service and communication skills, with a high school diploma or equivalent.

Underwriter: Evaluates and approves Allstate product applications via phone, email, or video. Reviews risks, determines premiums, and issues policies.

Requires a bachelor’s degree in a related field and expertise in underwriting and insurance.

How to apply for Allstate remote jobs

Visit the Allstate careers website, where you can find all the current openings for Allstate remote jobs, as well as other jobs at Allstate.

Filter the jobs by keyword, location, category, or date, and find the ones that match your skills and interests.

Click on the job title to see the job description, requirements, and responsibilities, and make sure you meet the qualifications and expectations.

Click on the “Apply Now” button to start the application process, which may include creating an account, uploading your resume, answering some questions, and taking some assessments.

Submit your application and wait for a response from Allstate, which may take a few days or weeks, depending on the position and the volume of applicants.

Interview Process: If selected for an interview, expect contact from Allstate to prepare. The interview may occur by phone, video, or in person, depending on the position and location.

Job Offer Acceptance: Upon job offer, accept it, undergo a background check and drug test, and complete the required paperwork, including signing the contract and other documents.

Onboarding: Once hired, complete training and orientation, which may be conducted online or in person, depending on the role and location.

Additionally, set up your home office, which may require a computer, phone, headset, webcam, and a high-speed internet connection.

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Allstate remote jobs
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Allstate remote jobs salaries

Allstate remote jobs salaries vary depending on the position, the experience, the location, and the performance of the employee.

According to the website Glassdoor, which collects and analyzes salary data from Allstate employees, some of the average annual salaries for Allstate remote jobs are:

  • Sales Agent: $38,000
  • Claims Adjuster: $51,000
  • Customer Service Representative: $34,000
  • Underwriter: $64,000

These are only estimates, and the actual salaries may be higher or lower, depending on the factors mentioned above.

Allstate also offers bonuses, commissions, incentives, and other forms of compensation, which may increase the total income of the employee.

Allstate remote jobs benefits

Health insurance, which covers medical, dental, and vision care, as well as prescription drugs and wellness programs.

Retirement plan, which includes a 401(k) plan with a company match, a pension plan, and a financial planning service.

Life insurance, which provides a basic coverage, as well as optional coverage for the employee and their dependents.

Disability insurance, which provides a short-term and a long-term coverage, in case the employee is unable to work due to illness or injury.

Paid time off, which includes vacation, sick, personal, and holiday days, as well as a flexible work schedule and a work-life balance program.

Education assistance, which includes tuition reimbursement, scholarships, and online courses, to help the employee advance their skills and career.

Employee discounts, which include savings on Allstate products and services, as well as on other products and services from partner companies.

Employee recognition, which includes awards, rewards, and recognition programs, to celebrate the achievements and contributions of the employee.

Allstate remote jobs customer service

Allstate remote jobs customer service is one of the main aspects of working for Allstate, as the employee will have to interact with Allstate customers on a regular basis, using phone, email, chat, or video.

The employee will have to provide support and assistance to the customers, as well as sell and promote Allstate products and services.

The employee will have to follow the Allstate values and standards, which include:

  • Honesty, which means being truthful, transparent, and ethical in all the interactions with the customers and the company.
  • Caring, which means being empathetic, respectful, and courteous to the customers and their needs and expectations.
  • Integrity: Be accountable, responsible, and professional in actions and decisions for customers and the company.
  • Inclusion: Embrace diversity, collaboration, and inclusivity with customers and colleagues, regardless of background or identity.
  • Excellence: Strive for innovation, quality, and performance in tasks and goals for customers and the company.

Success stories of Allstate remote employees

“Allstate’s remote sales let me work flexibly with great support, serving customers and growing skills.

“As a remote claims adjuster, I love the variety and impact on customers at Allstate.”

Working remotely for Allstate in customer service is convenient, rewarding, and aligned with my values.

“Impressed by the challenges and support as a remote underwriter at Allstate, with motivating perks.”

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